ICNL inviting Applications to support Civil Society in Tanzania and Uganda


Deadline: 20-May-21
The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) is pleased to invite applications from local consultants in Tanzania and Uganda for research grants under ICNL’s program on promoting freedom of expression, rule of law and access to justice.

Consultants will be asked to prepare country reports for Uganda and Tanzania focusing on:
PIL cases and their substantive outcomes, beneficiaries, and practical impact;
The environment within which PIL takes place, challenges to engaging in PIL, and opportunities to engage in PIL; and
Recommendations for a PIL strategy in the country

Content of Research
ICNL will support one local consultant per country to conduct research that will include:

  • literature review of relevant research reports, media articles, academic work, and government documents;
  • analysis of relevant policies, laws and court cases; and
  • interviews with respondents from civil society, media, government, and other stakeholders

Eligibility Criteria

  • This research call is open to individuals or organizations, including CSOs, academic institutions, think-tanks, and other research-oriented legal entities based in Tanzania and Uganda. Lawyers or organizations focused on legal issues are strongly preferred.
  • One researcher from each country will be chosen, and applicants must focus proposals on one country.

Selection Criteria
Applications will be evaluated based on the following factors:

  • Legal education and experience;
  • Familiarity with or experience in public interest litigation;
  • Excellent research, analytical and writing skills;
  • Compliance with eligibility requirements and application procedures;
  • Commitment to, and track-record in complying with project submission deadlines;
  • Quality of proposal, including feasibility of the research (e.g., the research is targeted to answer the relevant questions, and the scope of the research is achievable within the time frame);
  • Timeline for the research and draft submissions;
  • Competitiveness of the budget, consultancy rate, time availability and value for
  • money.

For more information, visit https://www.icnl.org/wp-content/uploads/ICNL-Call-for-Applications-on-PIL-Research.pdf

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