WeBloom’s initiative for Journalists in Africa


Deadline: 21-May-21

WeBloomVoices is unearthing the rich narratives of female entrepreneurship in Africa and is looking for 6 African journalists.

  • They believe in gender equity in workplace as well as increasing women’s access to capital. WeBloom’s intent to promote gender equity in Africa is achieved through:
  • Creating a multi-stakeholder network of impact investors and ecosystem builders which leverages gender-lens investing to promote the establishment of equitable and sustainable innovation ecosystems in Africa.
  • Collaborating with African innovation hubs to co-design female targeted entrepreneurial programs and build a pipeline of investable women-led African enterprises,
  • Convening impact investors around workshops which connect them to African innovation hubs and sensitise them about opportunities in adopting a localised gender-lens while investing in Africa,
  • Facilitating investments in African women-owned or -led enterprises,
  • Facilitating investments in African enterprises that promote workplace equity (in staffing, management, boardroom representation, and along their supply chains)
  • Supporting these enterprises with Sustainable Business Model development and institutional pairing.


  • Receive training on business reporting, working with sources, how to search for trusted information and story pitching
  • Deepen your knowledge of African enterprises and gender disparities within the innovation and entrepreneurship sector more broadly
  • Be exposed to expert speakers and gain relevant networks
  • Gain access to story ideas and editorial advice
  • Share your own expertise with other participants;

Eligibility Criteria
If you’re a journalist passionate about gender equality and entrepreneurship, then WeBloom wants to hear from you! You must:

  • Be aged 18-35
  • Have a degree in Journalism or an equivalent field
  • Be a native speaker of English or be able to speak and write in English
  • Have demonstrable experience in journalistic writing (print or online media) + experience in daily reporting.
  • Be available to work with WeBloom for a duration of 6 months and produce at least 4 article each month.
  • Attend and actively participate in fortnightly feedback online meetings with the WeBloom chief editor and other selected journalists.
  • Complete a monthly monitoring and evaluation survey

For more information, visit https://www.webloomafrica.com/webloomvoices

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