Call for Applications for BMVI Digital Transport Challenge


Deadline: 19-Jul-21
The Copernicus Masters has announced a call for applications for the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) Digital Transport Challenge.
Areas of interest to the BMVI include:

  • Transport infrastructure: Ensure the ongoing quality, safety and maintenance of road, rail, or aviation infrastructure
  • Environmental impact: Monitor or improve the impact of transport on the environment, such as emissions, oil dependency, or reduction of natural habitats
  • Freight transport and logistics: Develop new concepts to deliver goods as fast as possible to their destination – but also taking cost, noise pollution, and the environment into consideration
  • Maritime safety: Ensure or improve the efficient and safe operations of maritime transport, considering additional factors such as fuel consumption, weather forecasts, ship tracking etc.


  • Cash Prize: The winner will receive a cash prize worth EUR 5,000.
  • Cloud computing: 6 months access to the cloud computing platform CODE-DE and advanced training. Winners are invited to upload and publish their algorithms on CODE-DE.
  • Network: Access to DLR business networks
  • Event: Attendance and presentation at a transport related event of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) (if eligible).
  • ESA BIC Incubation: The winner will be able to apply for admission to an ESA BIC based in Germany. Your application will be consulted by the ESA BIC Bavaria. Upon successful approval the winner is eligible for EUR 50,000 incentive funding by ESA.
  • Satellite Data: Possibility to access EUR 10,000 worth of commercial datasets from the Copernicus Contributing Missions in the Copernicus Data Warehouse (financial support by COM).

Eligibility Criteria

  • All innovators – individuals of minimum 18 years of age, consortia or legal entities. Universities, start-ups, SMEs and bigger companies, research organisations and associates from all around the globe are invited to join.
  • Enterprises, scientific institutions, and individuals of legal adult age are entitled to participate in the Copernicus Masters 2021. Applications will be accepted from anywhere in the world, except for the Copernicus Master European Commission (COM) Challenges and the Copernicus Prizes. To participate in those, any applicant must be a natural or a legal person of an EU Member State or EEA, ENP, South/East countries or other countries with which the EU has space dialogues and cooperation: USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Gulf Cooperation Countries, Kazakhstan, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Submissions to the BMVI Digital Transport Challenge will be evaluated against the following criteria:
  • Innovation: Does the solution present a novel/new approach to solving transport challenges?
  • Societal benefits: Does the solution show significant value for today’s transport systems, society and/or the environment?
  • Technical Feasibility: Does the solution apply Copernicus data to provide value-added services to end-users?
  • Commercial Viability: Does the solution have real market potential?

For more information, visit

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