Submit Applications for Jewish Changemakers Fellowship


Deadline: 09-May-21
Do you feel compelled to shape the future? Are you interested in personal and professional growth? Do you feel drawn to leadership roles? If yes, then apply for Jewish Changemakers Fellowship.

Expand your career options, your network, and most importantly, your desire and ability to affect positive change in your community and the world at large.

The Jewish Changemakers Fellowship offers three-weeks of online leadership development over the summer for current and aspiring Jewish leaders, between the ages of 20-24. Those who complete the summer requirements (approximately 12 hours/week) earn a $350 stipend. Changemakers accepts candidates from North America and around the world and values Jewish diversity in the selection process.


Jewish changemakers will:

  • Know: gain new insight into themselves, the broader Jewish community, and the issues they care about.
  • Do: come out ready to take initiative in shaping the Jewish future in their communities, based on shared values.
  • Believe: feel empowered to speak out and advocate on behalf of themselves, the broader Jewish community, and the issues they care about.
  • Belong: deepen their personal connection to the local Jewish community and the broader Jewish world.

Changemakers covers three key themes:

  • Week 1: Professional Development – What do I need to know about myself to succeed professionally? What’s my personal story and mission?
  • Week 2: Global Jewish Community – Jews live all around the world. In some global locations, Jewish roots trace back 100’s or even 1000’s of years! What does it mean to be part of this global Jewish community? How do they engage with Jews who have cultural and historical perspectives different than theirs? What does it mean to be Jewish in their ever-changing and diverse landscape?
  • Week 3: Service & Advocacy – How can I contribute meaningfully and make change around the issues I care about most? How do I deepen my knowledge of societal challenges where I think my voice could make a real difference?

Award Information
Changemakers awards a stipend of $350 to all participants who complete the program requirements


  • Current and aspiring Jewish leaders, 20-24 years old. Those who are turning 20 by August 31, 2021 will also be considered.
  • They are looking for people with leadership experience (secular and/or Jewish) as well as those who have interest in leadership or see themselves as Jewish leaders in the future.
  • All prospective Fellows, 20-24 years old, who see themselves as changemaking Jewish leaders are eligible candidates, regardless of citizenship.
  • Please note that all sessions are facilitated in English.

For more information, visit

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