Global Counsel announces Social Impact Programme


Deadline: 21-May-21

The Global Counsel is pleased to announce applications for Social Impact Programme to help non-profit organizations, as well as small for-profits with strong values-based aims, with political and policy issues on a pro bono basis.

This is aimed at organizations that would not otherwise have access to their services, especially those pursuing causes that their colleagues are passionate about. Successful applicants would be able to benefit from their skills and expertise through a tailored fixed-term consultancy engagement.


Global Counsel Help’s organization’s in different sectors to understand how politics, policy and regulation affect them in practice. They enable their clients to respond to the challenges and opportunities that they face in these areas and to anticipate how they might change. Their team has experience in politics and policymaking in national governments and international institutions. With offices in Brussels, London, Singapore and Washington DC, they can advise on a wide range of topics across numerous geographies.

Some of the sectors they have expertise in include:

  • Technology and media
  • Climate and sustainability
  • Health and social care
  • Trade
  • Financial services
  • Energy

What they offer?

  • They are flexible and will make an offer tailored to the successful applicant(s). As a starting point for the discussion, they could offer one of the following:
  • A short report on a policy or political issue, for internal use e.g. in planning and decision-making.
  • A short report on a policy or political issue, to be published externally e.g. for thought-leadership on an issue.
  • Help you prepare and deliver an online event on a policy or political issue.
  • Political strategy & advocacy planning, e.g. identifying key stakeholders for you to engage with on an issue and create an engagement strategy and narrative.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Not-for-profit organizations worldwide such as charities, NGOs, educational institutions, and foundations.
  • Small for-profit organizations with strong values-based aims, such as social enterprises or small businesses with an emphasis on positively impacting society.
  • Organizations registered with their respective regulator, where relevant.
  • Organizations that would not otherwise have access to their services.
  • Organizations with a policy or political challenge that they can help with.

For more information, visit

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