Call for Applications: Planet “See Change, Change the World” Challenge


Deadline: 19-Jul-21

Applications are now open for the Planet “See Change, Change the World” Challenge to look for new solutions that help save their planet by fostering EO data and derived products which promote the European Green Deal.
Founded in 2010 by a team of ex-NASA scientists, Planet is driven by a mission to image the entire Earth every day and make Earth’s changes visible, accessible, and actionable. Planet started as a small team of physicists, aerospace and mechanical engineers in a garage, using the cubes at form-factor to inform the first designs of the Dove satellite. Just eight years after their first satellite entered space, Planet now operates the largest constellation of Earth observation satellites.


Their satellites are collecting a radical new data set with endless, real-world applications. Whether one is measuring agricultural yields, monitoring natural resources, or aiding first responders after natural disasters, Planet’s data is here to lend businesses and humanitarian organizations a helping hand. Planet believes timely global imagery will empower informed, deliberate, and meaningful stewardship of their planet.

Planet’s Challenge is looking for creative solutions that use Planet and Copernicus data to address objectives of the European Green Deal.


Below are examples of the topics of interest for the challenge:
Biodiversity, i.e.

  • Detecting negative deforestation trends
  • Understanding the impact of heat and drought stress on ecosystems
  • Providing solutions to link biodiversity to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, including for sustainable tourism
  • Sustainable food systems, i.e.
  • Ensuring more sustainable food systems that guarantee nutritious, affordable, and safe food with minimum use of pesticides and fertilizers and minimal greenhouse gas emissions
  • Addressing carbon sequestration in agriculture
  • Providing urban farming solutions
  • Proposing sustainable fishing solutions

Please don’t limit yourself to these use cases!

  • Free Planet Data for Non-Commercial Purposes: Six months of free access to Planet’s data with a value of 125k EUR over chosen areas for PlanetScope and SkySat imagery products (for R&D/technical evaluation purposes only). The winner can choose between the split of the Monitoring, Basemaps and Archive data required.
  • Technical Coaching: Six months of technical coaching from Planet.
  • Business Coaching: Six months of business coaching from Planet.
  • Trip to Planet’s Explore Conference in San Francisco: Fully paid (flights, hotel, conference fee) trip for two to Planet’s customer conference in 2021, including the world class opportunity to present and network with thought leaders in the geospatial industry.
  • Satellite Data: Possibility to access EUR 10,000 worth of commercial datasets from the Copernicus Contributing Missions in the Copernicus Data Warehouse (financial support by COM).
  • Extra EUR 10,000 if your concept gets selected as Copernicus Masters 2021 Overall Winner

Eligibility Criteria
Enterprises, scientific institutions, and individuals of legal adult age are entitled to participate in the Copernicus Masters 2021. Applications will be accepted from anywhere in the world.


Evaluation Criteria

  • The Planet Challenge is looking for commercially feasible solutions with a high potential impact and a strong technical underpinning. It is highly recommended that participants use Planet data in a trial before submitting a proposal:
  • Climate and Environmental Impact: Does the solution contribute to solving climate and environmental challenges, specifically contributing to the European Green Deal
  • Creativity and Innovation: Does the solution solve a new problem or in an innovative way, with application of Planet data
  • Commercial Viability: Does the solution present a viable business model that considers the cost of operations and Planet imagery
  • Planet and Copernicus Connection: Does the solution use both Planet data and Copernicus data to create added value

For more information, visit

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