Apply Now for KAICIID Fellows Programme


Deadline: 15-May-21
Applications are now open for the KAICIID Fellows Programme to bring together leaders and educators from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and other religious backgrounds from around the world for training in dialogue facilitation, intercultural communication, and promoting social cohesion by KAICIID experts.
Exchange programmes across religious educational institutions only exist within a few countries around the world. In most countries, exchange does not exist due either to a lack of interest, a lack of resources, and/or a lack of diversity of religious institutions. KAICIID recognizes the integral part of knowledge-sharing among religious education institutions that train future leaders.


The Centre aims to connect these institutions and their select teachers to a network of an active transnational community of interreligious dialogue practitioners in order to advocate for peace. The KAICIID International Fellows Programm seeks to not only address these problems but also to network institutions that train religious leaders transnationally so that interreligious dialogue can become a common feature of any religious training, whatever the religion might be.
Focus Areas
The Fellows Programme is intended to make an impact in four areas:

  • First by mainstreaming IRD in Fellows’ affiliated religious and educational institutions and communities.
  • Second by helping to better equip educators at institutions with the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching IRD.
  • Third, by building up more educators who will advocate for dialogue, are committed to the Centre’s mission, and will act as Ambassadors for Dialogue, especially in the conflict zones with KAICIID focus.
  • Finally by regularly connecting Fellows through a Network with each other and with KAICIID.


  • Educators from academic religious institutions, especially those institutions training religious leaders are a high priority for the programme, and therefore have an advantage in applying to the programme.
  • Applicants from academic religious institutions have priority; Fellows are selected from civil society non-governmental organizations or private sector backgrounds.
  • The International Fellows Programme includes Fellows from different parts of the world, while the Regional Fellows are drawn from their respective regions. The Arab region Fellows Programme is unique because trainings are only conducted in the Arabic language. Applicants should carefully consider their goals, networking preferences and linguistic abilities before deciding which programme to apply to.

Latin American and the Caribbean Regional Fellows Programme: 15 May 2021
KAICIID International Fellows Programme: 10 June 2021

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