New Job Vacancy at Tindwa Medical and Health Service – Anesthetist

OverviewTindwa medical and health service is local registered company dealing with providing Emergency Medical Services, Waste and Environmental Management, Occupation Health and safety both local and international and Medical Supplies Services.
Currently, it is looking for a position below…


Job Title : Anesthetist
Department: Health and Safety
Reports To: HOD Health and Safety
Job Summary:
Responds to the anesthetic needs of patients and coordinates their care with other perioperative personnel during the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases. Administers anesthesia services to patients for medical and surgical procedures relevant to the facility under the medical direction of staff anesthesiologist. Responds to the emergent airway management within the facility as needed. May be on-call, either in-house or from home, as required by the facility.

Supervisory/Management Responsibilities
This is a non-management job that will report to a supervisor or head of department.

Working Conditions

  • Maintaining composure in dealing with authorities, patients, families, hospital staff, outside professional agencies, co-workers and supervisory personnel, whether volunteer or paid, occasionally under conditions of urgency and in pressure situations
  • May be exposed to stressful situations, such as death, dismemberment, pediatric death, total devastation and loss
  • May be required to hold over to cover emergencies and work overtime without advanced notice.
  • Frequent sitting, standing and walking, which may be required for prolonged periods of time and may involve climbing stairs and walking up inclines or uneven terrain. Must be physically fit to perform job functions adequately as dictated by occupational health.
  • Be able to hear and understand at normal range levels.
  • May be required to use vehicles in the performance of duties. Vehicles are to include but not limited to: cars, trucks, and ambulances
  • On occasion may be required to perform stressful physical activity.


  • Demonstrate TMHS values and Service Pride Standards through actions.
  • Perform thorough and complete pre-anesthesia assessments and develops appropriate anesthesia plans.
  • Administer anesthesia in accordance with clinical privileges, including induction, maintenanceand emergence.
  • Select, obtain and administer anesthetics, adjuvant drugs, accessory drugs and fluids necessary to manage the anesthetic, to maintain the patient`s physiologic homeostasis, and to correct abnormal responses to the anesthesia or surgery
  • Monitor, interpret and evaluate on going data as appropriate for the type of anesthetic and specific patient needs.
  • Provide expertise in airway management both in and out of the surgical suite
  • Place and maintain epidural catheters as adjuncts to anesthesia.
  • Place and monitor arterial and central venous catheters including pulmonary artery catheters.
  • Document pertinent information on the patient`s medical record.
  • Respond to emergency situations by providing airway management, administration of emergency fluids or drugs, or using basic or advanced cardiac life support techniques. 11. Act as investigators, collaborators, consultants, or assistants on research projects as needed.
  • May provide clinical and didactic instruction to helping staff available with emphasis on the patient on site or hospital,
  • May serve on a variety of institutional committees and participate as instructors in staff development and continuing education programs for both professional and non-professional staff members.
  • Other duties as directed by the Head of medical department.

Advanced diploma in anesthesia or above.


Minimum of one year experience in preferred, will count residency experience.


  • Effective interpersonal skills necessary to foster productive working relationships.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Thorough depth knowledge of pharmacology with emphasis on anesthetic, cardiac and vasoactive drugs.
  • Thorough knowledge of anesthetic equipment.
  • Expertise in the placement of invasive monitoring devices including arterial, central venous and pulmonary artery catheters.
  • Ability to move, manipulate, and safely operate anesthesia equipment during the administration of all types of anesthesia to all sizes of patients
  • Ability to adapt to work environment changes.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to adjust work schedule to meet varying demands.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English.

Interested applicants are required to submit a cover letter with current CV for consideration to copy before 15th May, 2021.

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