New Jobs at The Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania (JGI-TZ), Mid-Term Program Evaluation Consultants

Mid-Term Program Evaluation Consultants
About Us:
The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) is a global communi­ty conservation organization that advances the vision and work of Dr. Jane Goodall by conserving chimpan­zees and inspiring communities to conserve the natu­ral world we all share, we improve the lives of people, animals, and the environment, we strongly believe everything is connected and everyone can make a difference.

On November 05th, 2018, the Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania (JGI-TZ) launched the Landscape Conser­vation in Western Tanzania (LCWT) project funded through a cooperative agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The project is designed to address the primary threats to natural forest cover and the chimpanzee population in the Gombe Masito Ugalla (GMU) landscape. It aims to protect chimpanzee populations and their habitat in western Tanzania while improving household income from the sustainable use of natural resources and the establishment of microenterprises and private sector partnerships that reinforce conservation behaviors.

The Consultancy’s Scope & Requirements:
The Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania (JGI-TZ) with fund­ing from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking to subcontract four (4) consultants from multiple sectors to contribute to a Mid-Term programmatic evaluation of the Landscape Conservation in Western Tanzania (LCWT) project. The consultants will develop and document lessons from activity implementation and recommend improve­ments. The team will work in an integrated fashion, under a lead consultant, to finalize the design of the evaluation, collect information, analyze, and report findings. Specifically, we are seeking multiple experts with demonstrated expertise and experience in carry­ing out programmatic evaluations with at least one of the following professional profiles:

Forest and wildlife Conservation, including ex­pertise on governance, law enforcement and using monitoring data for decision making.
Land Use Planning in a rural context, including expertise on land tenure.
Supporting improved livelihoods (village sav­ings and loans, agricultural and non-timber forest product-based livelihoods). If possible, in the context of reducing threats to biodiversity.
Family planning service provision in a rural con­text.

All candidates should have a master’s degree in a field related to one of the above areas of expertise and at least 5 years’ experience which includes experience working in a team environment to complete a program­matic project evaluation. Contractual engagements for successful candidates are anticipated to commence from May 1st, 2021 for at least a month to 6 weeks assignment. We welcome individual and team applica­tions to cover any one or all of the above areas.

Application Procedure:
Please send a cover letter describing your experience in carrying out programmatic evaluations in the above highlighted sector(s), your earliest date of availabil­ity and your current CV (including references related to evaluation work) to the following e-mail address: only.
All applications should be submitted by 5.00pm Tanzania time on April 16th, 2021.

Please note that only the shortlisted appli­cants who are available to start on May 1st 2021 will be contacted for an interview. For any queries regarding this consultancy, please contact us through the follow­ing office general line: +255282988178.

WOMEN IN MANAGEMENT IN AFRICA AWARDS(WIMA)Habari ya wakati huu naitwa Epifania Mhagama, TGEE project manager at Helptohelp.  Naomba kura yako katika kipengele cha STEM AWARD, kunipigia kura tembelea . 
Jinsi ya kupiga kura1. Bonyeza link hapo juu2. Register  kwa kutumia namba ya simu au email3. Utapewa code/ voters ID (hapo hapo)4. Ingiza code/voters ID na password yako5. Nenda category ya STEM AWARD chagua Epifania Mhagama( sio lazima kuvote kwa category zote ili uweze kusubmit)6.Bonyeza submit 
Kwa nini Epifania:-Nimefanya miradi zaidi ya 10 ya kujenga ujuzi na uwezo kwa wanawake-Nimefikia wanawake 2582(vyuoni)-Zaidi ya 30% wamepata ajira na fursa mbalimbali kutokana na ujuzi wa matumizi ya tekinolojia waliopata kwenye mafunzo -Zaidi ya 70% wamebadili mtazamo juu ya matumizi ya tekinolojia kwa wanawake 
Asante kwa kunipigia kura

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