New Job Opportunity at Gibotel Company Limited – Office Administrator

Office AdministratorEmployer: GIBOTEL COMPANY LTD
Department: Administration
Job Title: Office Administrator
Number of positions: One

This Request is an: Extra to Current Staff
Type of position Full Time

Establish Purpose and Relevance of the Role
Purpose of the role is to are responsible for general administration tasks within an office environment.
Relevance of the role is to ensure that all office administrative functions are coordinated to achieve a high level of productivity within the company.
Briefing on Impact of the Vacant Role Currently

Lack of a person to do office arrangements, neatness and wellbeing support as well as general administrative functions.
Define the Work to be performed

  • Management of front office movements and neatness cleaning and hygiene is maintained at high standard.
  • Coordination of all office postages, correspondences and Compliances in an efficient manner.
  • Arrange meetings by scheduling appropriate meeting times, necessary booking, and planning refreshments.
  • Ensuring office practices and procedures are complied as per the company values.
  • Responsible for all Administrative compliances, management of office stationeries and placing different orders.
  • Specify Authority and Accountability of the Role
  • She will have authority in requesting of cleanness tools.
  • She will be responsible for office cleanness, neatness and wellbeing.

Identify the required Personal Capability
· Bachelor Degree in Business Administration/ Office administration or any other related field.
· Experience of at least 2 years in the same field.
· Organizational skills
· Good communication skills
· Ability to adhere to guidelines with minimum supervision
Defined expected performance Level

· Dependable
· Team player
· Hard worker

Send a single PDF document with your CV, application letter and relevant Certificates to before 13th April 2021.

WOMEN IN MANAGEMENT IN AFRICA AWARDS(WIMA)Habari ya wakati huu naitwa Epifania Mhagama, TGEE project manager at Helptohelp.  Naomba kura yako katika kipengele cha STEM AWARD, kunipigia kura tembelea . 
Jinsi ya kupiga kura1. Bonyeza link hapo juu2. Register  kwa kutumia namba ya simu au email3. Utapewa code/ voters ID (hapo hapo)4. Ingiza code/voters ID na password yako5. Nenda category ya STEM AWARD chagua Epifania Mhagama( sio lazima kuvote kwa category zote ili uweze kusubmit)6.Bonyeza submit 
Kwa nini Epifania:-Nimefanya miradi zaidi ya 10 ya kujenga ujuzi na uwezo kwa wanawake-Nimefikia wanawake 2582(vyuoni)-Zaidi ya 30% wamepata ajira na fursa mbalimbali kutokana na ujuzi wa matumizi ya tekinolojia waliopata kwenye mafunzo -Zaidi ya 70% wamebadili mtazamo juu ya matumizi ya tekinolojia kwa wanawake 
Asante kwa kunipigia kura

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